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A true Mac Expert !

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 Honest, professional advice, at a reasonable price. Serving the Pioneer Valley region.

I now run Catamount part time from my home. Still here, but the retail space was not worth maintaining.


Browser Plug-Ins increasingly a BAD thing.... Read This

Malware is on the rise, your PC is not as safe as you might think!

We like Emsisoft AntiVirus for Windows. Why? Beacuse we've seen it clean up infected messesthat the competition just cannot touch!

Download Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Catamount Computer does Web Hosting, too ? Contact us for Sign Up (No commitment until all arrangements are made)
Better pricing than the big guys AND the local competition. BASIC Hosting plan for 1 domain is $100/year, just $8.33 a month!
(With 1 year bundle payment. Month-to-month is $18)

Our web hosting is now faster than ever!

 - SSD drives, faster servers, and cutting-edge up to date.

 - More bandwidth. :-)

Catamount Computer offers more than two decades of solid experience in Technology, to serve and benefit you and your business. Concentrating on serving our customers' needs first, and building an impressive web site second.

Based in western MA. We come to you, throughout Franklin County and most of the Pioneer Valley. Give us a call !

What we do, and how we can help you:

Mac and PC Hardware and Software repairs, upgrades, advice and troubleshooting.

Do You Need salvation from Spyware on your PC? Is it slower than molasses? We can disinfect it thoroughly and defend it against further attack.

Is Your Your Mac having "issues"? We're well practiced at what it takes to make it a happy computer again!

Who better (than a Catamount) to take care of your Mac OS "Mountain Lion" (10.8) "Lion" (10.7) "Snow Leopard" (10.6) or "Leopard"(10.5) Mac?

Authorized in all the right places, we can certainly help.

Anything involving Technology. No matter how simple or complex it may seem, it is likely something we can help you with.

Consultation [software/hardware recommendations, opinions] for nearly any area of technology.

We take pride in beating the prices of the big guys, on services AND merchandise.   Like St*pl*s, B*st B*y. Have you ever called St*pl*s, and asked how much it would cost for a technician to come to your home? Try it. We couldn't afford that, either.

Network experience that really works for you!

Do you want a home network, but uncertain where to start? Tired of the hype about wireless, you just want it to -work-?

Loving wireless already, but unaware of how to properly secure your network from your neighbors?

Want to spread the signal to the back deck without spending a fortune?

Do you want to link your existing computers, but not sure what will work?

Do you want to future-proof your home by installing network cables, affordably?


"Rush" service available, for the times when business continuity is at stake or you just want it done A.S.A.P. Our technician is advised in the field whenever new calls hit the voicemail in the office.

Standard and Rush service rates available from our voicemail system, 24x7. Technician on duty is advised of new voice messages immediately during the business day. (Please Note: All three numbers go to the SAME MESSAGE SYSTEM.)

Training available, one-on-one or in groups, for an eclectic but thorough mix of Mac & PC applications, as well as networking. Knowing how to use the tools you already have can be half the battle.

- And so much more....

Catamount Computer does Web Hosting, too ? Contact us for Sign Up (No commitment until all arrangements are made)
Better pricing than the big guys AND the local competition. BASIC Hosting plan for 1 domain is $100/year, just $8.33 a month!
(With 1 year bundle payment. Month-to-month is $18)

SpyBot will help you ! Get SpyBot Search&Destroy (Your essential reliable Windows SpyWare Defender!)

Want a better Media Player ?
Download the VideoLAN Free Media Player, available for ALL platforms!

Protecting Your Assetts...
You work hard. Are your business' computers getting _Backed Up_ ? Ever? Why not?
Is your essential data at least getting burned onto CDs every now and then? Why not?
Have you backed up that growing collection of digital photos? Why not?
Have you called your mother recently? Why not? (Just kidding. But seriously....)

Virus Protection: It's not optional anymore...
Copies of Emsisoft AntiVirus for Windows, Symantec Norton AntiVirus, & AVG Professional Version are always in stock.
Anti-Virus protection on email should not be overlooked.

Update your Anti-Virus software regularly. Once a year is absolutely not enough. Weekly would be a better practice.
Update your copy of Windows. The Windows Update web site makes it easy. The updates increase your security.
Keeping abreast of the latest threats [to Windows PCs], http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/ Is our favorite first stop.
If need be, AVG AntiVirus Free Edition can be found here.

Local hilltowns have DSL service, check out the factual DSL Distance Limits here.

If in doubt, contact Catamount. 

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